A Question

Waiting for a baby, I ask a question and write this. The Question: There once was a beautiful soul resting in the great expanse of the IS. And she was fickle and funny that brilliant young thing. Always asking questions, her mind never quite satisfied with just Being. Little did she understand the implications of … More A Question

Twist of Fate: A Summer of Second Chances

Are you looking for the perfect summer read? Lavish has put together their next exciting anthology collection “Twist of Fate: A Summer of Second Chances” featuring “A Sinister Bouquet: Awakening”. Grab this incredible collection for only $0.99 today! Break out of the cold with a splendid spring and summer collection – nine suspense filled tales … More Twist of Fate: A Summer of Second Chances

Too Long

Punk rock lyrics And sarcastic posts Disguise a poet But not for long …Not for long Caterpillar smokes And shiny mirrors Reflect a vision But not for long …No not long Old wounds left bleeding And tattered sutures Distract a lover It’s been too long …Damn, oh so long Plugs bent on draining And feasting … More Too Long