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I am thrilled to announce that A Sinister Vision: Know This Much is True has been chosen as an Award Finalist in the “Fiction: Horror” category of the 2017 Best Book Awards!!

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Where Ebon Sounds Like Ivory by A Nicky Hjort




Norse legend has it that the arms of the Yggdrasil tree—a sacred instrument of Odin—are ever-reaching, and its survival is necessary for life itself to continue.

During Winter’s Solstice, when the search for her mortal mother begins, Za will have to cross over the Ebon Branch of the Dead—a feat that has supposedly never been survived intact. But if she does make it across and back home, she just might discover why she and the other three Norn Sisters of Fate came to be.

A fairytale at heart, this is the second chapter in the epic saga of the youngest and most fickle of the four Norn Sisters. The same feisty immortal creature who must discover her true origins to understand her inherent inner darkness. Only this way can she learn the meaning of unconditional sacrifice in the name of impenetrable love…when, as her destiny would have it, all the branches of such a powerful tree tremble treacherously in her tiny little hands.

A veritable unraveling of Snow White, the narrative of Where Ebon Sounds Like Ivory journeys through the most horrible of realms where shocking truths emerge. Here where death mimics life, obsession masquerades as devotion, and the most unexpected endings become the most surprising beginnings of a classic tale. One…you thought you knew so well.

Welcome to a place where the darkest of melodies births a miraculous tune of surrenderance. Here Where Ebon Sounds Like Ivory and Christmas, as we know it, begins.


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A Holiday Tradition: A Collection of Winter Tales Presented by Lavish Publishing, featuring Where Ebon Sounds Like Ivory by A. Nicky Hjort.



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Looking for the perfect summer read? Lavish presents “Twist of Fate: A Summer of Second Chances” featuring “A Sinister Bouquet: Awakening”.

A Nicky Hjort Books

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A Sinister Vision: Know This Much is True


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A Sinister Bouquet: Awakening by A. Nicky Hjort

Now available in Paperback and ebook here and on Amazon:


Available now in Paperback and ebook on Amazon:

Where Tyndra Turns To Ardnyt by A. Nicky Hjort

Where Tyndra turns to Ardnyt

A. Nicky Hjort is focused on writing high-quality manuscripts that encourage and invigorate readers of all ages – it is her hope that her words will meet and then exceed your expectations.

With a variety of genres to choose from, at least one of her books will serve you in some way along your journey to greatness. Browse her collection and find a story to suit your mood. She’s written books for readers of all ages!
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