The Prayer

The Prayer

Once there was a girl who prayed and prayed and prayed.

She prayed for happiness and love every night and every morning.

Before she went to bed.
Before she left the bed.
In the shower.
Before each meal.

Finally God answered her. He said, “Are you sure you want to be happy, little girl?”
“Of Course,” she wailed. “Why wouldn’t everyone want to be happy?”
God answered her like this. “Because it will be the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do.”
She laughed.

As usual God gave her his favorite line of advice. “You’ll see when you see.”

And for years she wasn’t happy thinking the prayer wasn’t answered. That God had forgotten. Yet still she prayed for the same thing to show her faith and devotion.

In fact, terrible things happened.

Things she was so afraid of.
Things she had to forgive.
Things she had to survive.
Climb over.
And through.

People said and did unspeakable things. Yet on she prayed and forgave and wished and believed.
Until she almost forgot about her prayer because she was more concerned about other things and other people. In fact she devoted her life to helping other people traverse their struggles with what she had learned through hers.

And then it just happened. One day every single thing she had hoped for just showed up, like magic.
She laughed at God and said, “l’m starting to see. So much happiness and love.”

God laughed back. He said, “Actually you are starting to not see. Not see who you never were.”

“I see. I don’t see,” she giggled. “Thank you, God.”

“No, thank yourself. You are Love, silly. You are, Happiness.”

“Can I tell the others how to find happinesses and love?”

“No,” God said. “Then it’s no good. They must see for themselves. But you can show them the truth of who you really are. Then they will be one step closer than you were in the beginning.”

So she got up and had coffee and did just that …
and lived happily ever after.

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