About A. Nicky Hjort

A. Nicky Hjort’s manuscripts are based on her belief that her readers’ entertainment and love of a well-told story are of the utmost importance. Her entire focus is committed to meeting those needs. She loves children, teens, and adults and, therefore, writes for readers of all ages. She initially used a pen name, Seraph Stein, but now writes under her given legal name.


She is originally from Arlington, Texas, where she was raised as the second-eldest daughter in a wild family full of artistically talented members. After completing her B.S. in Biology with a focus in psychology, she went on to finish medical school in Dallas, Texas. From there, her training resumed in Colorado where she completed her residency.

She currently practices medicine in Monterey/Carmel after relocating back to central California in early 2014.

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As an avid supporter and advocate of women and children alike, she considers it her personal mission to make life more joyful and abundant for all. Living on Purpose and gracefully fulfilling the honor of being a mother to her two young children are her life’s ambitions. She speaks publicly about women’s issues and occasionally contributes to women’s health magazines.

Writing across multiple genre lines, you will find that all of her manuscripts are “connected” in the subtlest of ways.
She discovers her stories as she writes them, as the characters come through her. And in that regard, she is always just as surprised by the ending (or beginning as she would say) as her readers.
May you find something in her work that will assist you and yours in stepping into the fullness of the magnificence that You truly are.
As always, she sends her highest regards and most perfect intentions to you on your mission to unfold your greatest adventure.