A Question

Waiting for a baby, I ask a question and write this.
The Question:

There once was a beautiful soul resting in the great expanse of the IS.
And she was fickle and funny that brilliant young thing.
Always asking questions, her mind never quite satisfied with just Being.
Little did she understand the implications of her wandering mind. Silly thing.

Behind her God smiled, knowing as usual, she would ask a question…
Her thinking it just that…. a question. A nothing. A smallness. A whimsical whim.
He rubbed His hands in anticipation hoping…
Hoping for a good question that might serve many more than she would ever know.

Because just like with all the others, her questions must always be answered.
So the One with answers waited patiently, like usual…
For her question.
And it came…

“What do I not already know about me?” she said, twirling a small red rose.
And without warning, a great labyrinth was birthed right before her eyes.
Planets formed and time began and the IS held it all inside a box that held her.
And she forgot the IS and dropped her rose.

For eons she travelled through lives and universes to reach the center.
A massive castle was there, flanked on each side by dragons.
Horrible creatures, which one by one she slayed and named demon.
For years she climbed the stairs of the castle one by one until she came to the highest tower.

And in the center of the chamber of the tall tall tower,
There was naught, but a beautiful mirror.
She looked at her reflection, seeing nothing of herself.
She saw someone else entirely and named them–you.

“I hate you,” she cried think that the reflection was her captor.
“I’ll destroy you,” she screamed thinking the reflection was the enemy.
And for another eon she threw stones and weapons at you, none of which shattered the mirror.
Giving up she finally asked, “Who are you?”

And she saw so many beautiful things in the mirror not realizing what they were.
In awe, she dropped to her knees unable to comprehend how blessed she was.
How could so much beauty exist in such a terrible place, she wondered.
“I love you,” she said, tears streaming down her face for what felt like another eon but was only a second.

And the mirror disappeared.
And the tower,
And the bones of the dragons,
And the castle,
And the labyrinth,
And the box that held it.

The only thing left was a rose, which she vaguely remembered from before.
But that was minutes ago…or was it eons?
She couldn’t be sure.
And then she lay down and looked up the beautiful sky of the IS and pondered.
…what question she might ask next.

And God laughed and rubbed His hands hoping…

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