I See You

Once I wrote a poem called I See You to remind myself the significance of those words … I See You

when I say that, this is what I mean…

In case you didn’t know…

The cresting moon high, so high in the night’s sky which brings promises of something tempting and new.

The calming scent of vanilla and the luxurious taste of cream in a coffee-coated beginning of another delectable day.

The refreshing light mist of the morning’s dew calling forth the creatures to play and pleasure mother Earth,

In case you didn’t realize…

The glint in the hawk’s eye which belts out a deafening caw to remind me that even though I only see the next step, he…that glorious master, sees it all from above.

A worried and wounded child’s mumble in her sleep, saying I love you, I need you, I want you to know me through all time space and dimension.

The infinite experience of the Divine in every step, in every note, in every drop of melted chocolate surrender.

In case you didn’t remember…

In the knowing glance of the elephant, who never forgets, forsakes or abandons and only guides, and gives, and calls forth.

In the fluttering wisdom of the hummingbird’s wings, which never tire as they go deep, and even deeper still, looking for the most precious nectar within.

In the perfect center of the most comfortable bedchamber, made of golden silks and bountiful feather-filled wishes.

These are the things I hold dear when I say, “I see you.” These are the blessings I realize. These are the gifts I remember.

In case you didn’t know.

In case you didn’t realize.

In case you ever forget.

This is how the real me sees the real you when I glance with holy eyes.

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