I See You

Once I wrote a poem called I See You to remind myself the significance of those words … I See You when I say that, this is what I mean… In case you didn’t know… The cresting moon high, so high in the night’s sky which brings promises of something tempting and new. The calming … More I See You

True Love

The small child looked up unto the Sky in awe of its beauty and smiled. “So red and gorgeous,” she called and laughed as she spun round. Surprised by her pleasant expression, the Sky grumbled and grimaced. “Do you not see the fury on my horizon?” the Sky replied. “Don’t you fear me?”   “No, … More True Love

The Driftwood

The Driftwood And the driftwood gathers and waits for someone to notice it. How long it waits, who can say? But then someone does. And that someone puts the pieces together like a puzzle. Matching Combing Molding Raising And what was once a lonely stick becomes a home A castle A fortress An abode A … More The Driftwood

A Question

Waiting for a baby, I ask a question and write this. The Question: There once was a beautiful soul resting in the great expanse of the IS. And she was fickle and funny that brilliant young thing. Always asking questions, her mind never quite satisfied with just Being. Little did she understand the implications of … More A Question