Things My Patients Taught Me

Beautiful day to you from Florida:
Today, as I was pondering the awesome lessons the Universe is constantly providing me, the eternal student, I thought of some of the best advice my patients have shared with me.  And Emma and Jake (my sweet, sweet kids), I know you will forgive me if I learn from them as well.
So here is one amazing example of the day-to-day wisdom offered up by one of my absolutely lovely patients:
“Dr. Hjort, God didn’t-a-put my head on backwards, so I figure that I might as well keep on looking forward, not back.” Brilliant. This is surely one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever been given (and shared on a regular basis since).
The past is just the past, so why would I let it dictate my present, and especially my future? The past only exists in mind, really. It is, in truth, just a figment of my overly active imagination. And since it’s my personal hallucination, why not let it go if it no longer serves me in a positive way. Learn my prior lessons and move on so I can do better next time, right?
I would like to thank Wayne Dyer for the following perfectly put analogy (in summary): “Life is like a boat, so why would you let the tailwater steer it. As the captain, leading from the moment of now, you are much better equipped to steer your journey.”
So here’s to hoping you keep looking forward at the amazing world all around the awesomeness that is you.
In light and on Purpose,
-A. Nicky Hjort

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