Mom in the Making

Anyone that knows me, knows that my kids are my greatest teachers.  They have taught me what I know, and even more importantly what I didn’t know.
So today as yet another Mom-in-Training,  I thought I would list some of the many things they have taught me so far:
  • Popsicles can fix almost anything.
  • Never, ever go anywhere without at least one “Ace in the Hole”
  • Never underestimate the speed of a two-year-old
  • A quiet child is a dangerous child
  • Just when my heart feels as full as it will ever get, love can stretch it further
  • A Mother’s Love is something bigger than the Universe Itself
  • The best way to start a day is with a slow, tender hug
  • The inside of your elbow is the softest skin to rub
  • Every four-year-old is adorable in a ballet skirt and slippers
  • And… never ever take yourself too seriously, because no fun, is no way to live
 I think the list goes on forever.  I’m looking forward to sharing more and I hope you will share yours with me.  I would love to list them in my future posts.
As always,
Hoping that today is another day you find yourself living on Purpose,
-A. Nicky Hjort

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