Your Highest Good

A very wise friend of mine recently started a conversation that I would like to encourage you to consider.
He asked, “If you could, in one sentence describe the one good you would like to do before you leave this world, what would that be?”
Now that’s tough: One sentence… one good…. one final wish.
What would it be?
If people, long after you left this world, said one thing about you, what would you want that to be?
She was kind. He was smart. He changed the world, etc.
What is your one greatest good to contribute? And did you do it? Did you try your best? Did you stand on the stage, let your fear fall away, and become it?
Now that’s a question worth asking yourself.
Might I suggest you ask it of yourself today. And might I even be bolder and suggest that you take one step closer to your goal, whatever it may be.
To the Universe, one step, one intention in that direction is a great feat. And I promise you will find the winds of miracles beneath your wings to carry you forward the rest of the way.
One itty, bitty, tinsy, weansy step… Will you take it?
Let’s take it; let’s do it; let’s become it.
I invite you to your greatness and I have no doubt… that you will do brilliantly.
Until later… hoping you live every day on Purpose,
With love and light,
A. Nicky Hjort

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