Dream Journal

For many cultures, interpreting the dream-state has been considered a powerful tool self-exploration.
Unfortunately, in the US, most of have never heard of this very useful practice.
For the past 1.5 years I have been writing down my dreams each morning, and it has really changed my life.  Might I suggest you try the same thing.
Many of our dreams are “processing” dreams helping us work through the information obtained during the day.  While others tend to contain more symbolism and thus information into the hidden aspects of our “soul” waiting for exploration.
Often we can discover our most hidden anxieties, fears, and even wishes in our dreams.   They can provide clues to what we are “soon to manifest” in our waking state.  And they can steer us away from potential disaster.
Denise Linn’s book The Hidden Power of Dreams is an excellent resource for the beginner (or expert) dream-journaler  to help remember, interpret, and then utilize the power of your dreams.
This five-minute effort of writing down your dream each morning in a dream journal might really change everything for you.
Most of my book ideas come to me in the dream state.  When I am stuck in my story, often I wake up with just the right plot, twist, dialogue, etc….  And if you read my books you will find all of the major characters share their dreams with the reader.   It is my best opportunity to share obscure foreshadowing and insight.
Might you find it useful too.  Give it a try and if you have any questions… I will do my best to answer them.
Sweet dreams… and hoping you live each day on Purpose.
-A. Nicky Hjort

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