From the Mouths of Babes

Have you ever stopped and listened to the wise things children say?
I mean really listened? We often attribute their ravings to the nonsense talk of kids, but sometimes their wisdom is most profound when they speak such “non-sense”.
For example, my daughter said to me this morning, “Mommy, when those shoes get little, I’m going to wear them to school!” as she pointed to one of my favorite pairs of sandals. At first, I just laughed, but then I almost fell to the floor as I realized how limited my thinking was… and how unlimited hers was.
Not only could she get bigger and fit in the shoes, but the shoes could get smaller and accomplish the same goal. In one small phrase, she reminded me how limited my thinking can be about what I have… chosen to define as my reality.
Get out of my box and think differently…. what a great reminder.
As always, thank you, Baby, for being one my greatest teachers.
If thoughts determine our reality, then limited thoughts limit our reality. So why can’t the shoes get smaller? Why do her feet have to get bigger because my prior thinking said so? Awesome, awesome, awesome.
If I can entertain the possibility of shoes getting smaller… perhaps I can entertain even more mind blowing and reality-altering ideas. Way to change my world, baby… I love you.
Until later…
May you live your greatest life on Purpose
-A. Nicky Hjort

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