Just Be Yourself

Have you ever noticed that how much you alter your behavior in exchange for acceptance? Have we forgotten how awesome it is that each one of us is different? Have we accepted the idea that ordinary and normal are somehow better than extraordinary and unique? And why? And where would we have gotten such an “insane” idea and value system?
I had an interesting experience this morning where I purposefully chose to be myself and  go with it instead of crawling back into normalcy. And do you know what happened? Not only did I have much more fun, but I did a way better job at what I was trying to do. And at the end of it all, everyone was totally impressed by how good at it I was.
It was almost as if… that by me allowing myself “to be me” it opened up that possibility for those around me. Which they loved. And next time… I can only hope it will give them the permission to do the same… be themselves.
After all… it’s really the only Self you have, so why not be that. That which You are already perfect at. How does it get any better than that?
In love and Light. Hoping You live each day on Purpose.
-A. Nicky Hjort

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