Multitasking Madness!

Nicky….. stop and smell the roses.
Or at least your shampoo, was the message.
It went like this:
Home late Sunday night after a writing conference. I have surgery scheduled in a few short hours on one of my patients. My bags, doomed to remain unpacked for at least three days wait patiently in the mudroom- again. Thankfully, the kids are already asleep. (Good job Daddy).
My way-too-long ignored tummy growls for anything edible, yet meat-free; a slice of pizza will do the trick. Rushing to get to bed, I turn on the shower as I heat up the cheese pizza in the fridge. (Another Good job Daddy)
I’m washing my hair as I eat the pizza trying desperately to get some sleep ASAP before my upcoming surgery. Never once does it occur to me that this is odd… until I’ve already finished the pizza between rinses. Whoa!
Seriously, have I taken it too far?
Have I tried, yet again, to cram too much crap into one day, one weekend, one shower?
Perhaps, but perhaps I am just an everyday Super-Mom from Planet Multitasking Madness and this is just another way to shave ten more seconds off my wild adventures planned for a day.
After all, those 10 seconds add up, don’t they?
(I wrote my first novel, The Deadliest Bouquet, one ten second sentence after another between patients in about 4 months)
Of course, it took 6 months to edit, but that’s another story.
Food for thought: Am I mad or just another Super-Mom in training trying to cram 27 hours into 24? (Just like you, I suspect)
So, from one pizza eating in the shower madwoman to you,
May you find the time to smell the roses today… or the shampoo… or the pizza… or the glorious scent of your freshly washed sheets as you drift peacefully off to sleep for three hours before you do it again.
-A. Nicky Hjort
i.e. Super-Mom in training

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