A Sinister Vision: Know This Much is True

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A. Nicky Hjort’s second novel and book Two of The Sinister Series!
Elise Phillips is a disgruntled doctor-in-training with a special gift of connection; one she’s always run away from. She has successfully repressed her kidnapping, five years prior. The only problem is… she has only six days to remember every terrible little detail or another woman will die. But, worst of all, she will have to simultaneously face her greatest fear. Intimacy.
Walk with Elise for a while in her shoes. 
Play a deadly game with her… It’s called, I Know This Much is True.

Enjoy this exclusive sneak peek at A Sinister Vision: I Know This Much is True


Intro: Book Two of The Sinister Series

A manuscript is discovered on a mysterious grave in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. The headstone has no name, no date. The only thing written on it is, I know this much is true.
The first two pages of the text are missing, but the rest are mostly intact. The pages feel satiny and light, almost magical to the touch. Once you hold the book, you can’t tolerate putting it down.
It calls you. It owns you. It beckons you to read faster. It demands your absolute attention. It welcomes you back from the darkness.

Chapter One

Elise Phillips had been here before.
She looked first to the right and then to the left. Anywhere, but straight ahead. Yet there was no way to avoid the inevitable storm of terror.
The odor of Adrenaline enveloped her. Disgusted her. Saturated her.
Her hands shook. Her stomach flipped. Her knees buckled.
She was already in the house, heading for the stairs. Thankfully, the stairs up…not the stairs down. Her mind screamed for her to stop. Her gut begged she go back. But her heart, that same broken and bleeding heart of hers, pulled her forward. The pain might have pushed her back hard, but her heart pulled forward even harder.
Then she saw the numbers. Six, sixteen, thirty-six.
Six days. Sixteen hours. Thirty-six minutes.
There was no turning back now.
The timer flashed on the dirty wall at the top of those same awful, creaking stairs. The metallic scent of blood filled the air and started dripping down the wall. She heard the drip, drip, drip of thick crimson heme stain the musty old floorboards. Bleach followed. Then she heard the clock tick.
“Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.”
The lesson had begun.
That was all the time she had…until someone died.
Unless she found them. Unless she changed their fate. Unless she faced her deepest demons. Unless she learned the lesson, accepted the assignment…for them both.
That was all the time she had to save her.
And Angel… thanks for the courage to finish it… and my monster.