A Sinister Bouquet: Awakening

A. Nicky Hjort’s first completed novel.

After surviving a near-death experience, 35-year-old Dr. Devyn Mitchell OB/GYN finds herself at the epicenter of the serial killings of the Homeless Hunter; her only guide the voice of her unborn baby. The veil cracks in her inner world as her fate calls forth.  Is she having mystical experiences, or is she showing the first signs of madness, just like her late mother? 
As Devyn finds herself more and more deeply connected to the serial killings, she must first go deep within to find her way through the tragedy of her outer world.  Her journey takes her through the roller coaster of fear straight to the depths of guilt. Subsequently, her guide, the voice of her unborn baby, will either be her downfall or her saving grace.  But can she listen to this internal voice or will she and her girls just be the next victims in this long line of murdered women? 
Perhaps if she survives, her vision and strength just might save us all.  If she and her girls outlive this deadly battle of Fear vs. Love, can she help usher in The New Age of Hope, when forgiveness changes everything for everyone everywhere?
Book One of The Sinister Series, A Sinister Bouquet: Awakening is the symbolic and psychological journey through the mind of a sleeping dreamer awakening to the Truth in a world that has all but forgotten itself. And lost its only chance for salvation along the way. As the Homeless Hunter’s mind decompensates, the reader travels along for the ride of a lifetime…. Into the mind of an ego-driven killer. But can Devyn find her way out? Both for herself and her babies. 
A page-flipping novel for adults, it is a fictional murder mystery/ psychological thriller sure to keep you up reading all night. 
And at the end, if she makes it out, perhaps… just perhaps Devyn Mitchell can help us remember the truth of who we really are.
Devyn is accompanied on her journey by her clever 3-year-old daughter Livie who sees more than meets the eye.  Ellie, her unborn child, connects Devyn to the support of All That Is.  Brock Bryant, Devyn’s life partner and Livie’s father, joins in the tale as Tampa’s most well-liked investigative reporter.  Dr. Billy Thompson, Devyn’s best friend and ex-lover from medical school, is called in as the cop-turned-psychiatrist forensics expert on the case.  As the story unfolds, Devyn learns that she is directly tied to every single victim of the serial killings and that she and her girls will most likely be the next victims on the list.
This is A. Nicky Hjort’s first full-length novel, originally written under the pen name Seraph Stein, of what is soon to be the acclaimed Sinister series that tells the tale of our journey as humans from a world of fear and terror to a world of love through the interconnected stories of a diverse cast of uniquely gifted and fascinating characters.  Each story merely hints at the next volume to come, waiting to share its piece of the greater puzzle. May it inspire the greatness waiting to express itself within us all.
This story, the first volume, invites inquisitive readers of murder mysteries, women’s fiction, and thriller genres alike to engage in Devyn’s journey.  Mothers everywhere will connect with Devyn’s mission.  Patricia Cornwell fans will love the good old southern boy, Dr. Billy Thompson.  Wayne Dyer and William P. Young fans will love Ellie’s messages.  J.K. Rowling fans will love Livie’s magic.  Thomas Hunter fans will love the journey into the mind of a madman. There is simply something here for everyone who is searching for a good mystery or deeper message to enjoy. So when asked, where can you find Heather Graham meets Tess Gerritsen, and James Patterson toasting Thomas Hunter, the answer is obvious… on the magical pages of A Sinister Bouquet: Awakening.
We  look forward to sharing it with you.

An exclusive first-look at A Sinister Bouquet: Awakening:

Chapter 1: Called OUT

“I have to get out of these scrubs- fast, before I go insane,” she said to herself just louder than a whisper. Only Devyn heard her muffled words, but the whole Labor and Delivery unit felt them. She sensed twenty questioning eyes burning holes in her back from down the halls and even through the walls. 
What the hell just happened? Her mind reeled.
Thud! The plastic lid of the dirty OR hamper slammed shut in judgment. Blood stained everything. Slam, slam, slam, the gavel fell. More blood seeped into her pores. The precious, precious liquid called blood stained her red. She smelled it, everywhere. It saturated her fingernails, her hair, and the mucous membranes of her nostrils. The scent of freshly spilled heme contaminated her with the hot, sticky, and tainted scent of metal. 
Blood, the giver of life, giver of love, called her out. 
These were the last few moments of her life before. Before everything changed.  
This 35-year-old schoolgirl handsome doctor stood teetering on the edge of her life’s culmination. Part of her was totally aware of how everything was about to change. The rest of her, though, was simply clueless as the first bolt of lightening in her greatest storm crashed. 
The real movie began. The previews were finally over. Even if the popcorn had smelled so delicious.
Oh, how it all changed in an instant. That final second. That last moment of uncertainty felt before the inevitable thunderstorm of truth overtook her. The defining moment when everything new arrived. And everything old had no choice left but to fall away and call itself the past. 
The new Dr. Mitchell who chose the Red Pill- swallow. The new Devyn who jumped. Or was she pushed? The moment she awakened to who she truly was; to whom she had always been.
She can’t go back; no one ever can.
“Mommy, wake up,” a little voice spoke.


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