Lola Littleton: The Firling Princess

A Series of Middle-aged to young-adult fantasy books about a half-fairy, half-human named Lola Littleton and her battle in the name of saving the seven realms of mystery.
This work is a combined effort between A. Nicky Hjort and fantasy extraordinaire, Jeremy Hjort.
A sample chapter is included and some of Jeremy’s artwork follows.

Meet Lola Littleton

 Enjoy this sample of Chapter 2


Little TIG “No!” she complained just loud enough to hear. “No way, Little Tig,” she called out as he licked her cheek with that sandpaper tongue of his. 
“Purr…purrr…purrrriiiirr…purrroorrrvvv…purr,” her fat grey and black-striped tiger of a cat replied as he continued to work her cheek and rub just right under her chin.
A smile teased Lola’s lips now as she struggled to stay in bed just a few minutes longer. But Lil’Tig was just too cute. And sometimes, Lola swore she could hear words under that super-adorable purr of his.
“I love you too, Lil’Tig,” she said as she wiped the crust of sleep from the corner of her eye. 
The last few images from her dream still welcomed her to stay. It had been a great dream. One of those happy dreams about flying in a magical world that sometimes felt more real than this one. She looked around her pig-stye of a room and sighed. If only she could stay in her dream world. Then she wouldn’t have to clean up this mess! 
“Meow, meow!” Little Tig cried in a way that sounded an awful lot like, “Now Lola!” to her. 
“Ok pal, you win. I’m up. I’m up,” Lola played back. 
Now Lil’Tig held his tail high in the air proud he had woken the sleeping Princess. Ma would be pleased. And a pleased Ma was a very good thing, especially today of all days. Maybe there was a world famous Ma-yummy treat in this for him. He sat down for a second trying to decide whether to chase a cotton-stuffed catnip mouse or go downstairs to get his treat.  
The treat won of course. 
[END Sample]


Artwork by Jeremy Hjort:


The Holy Dark
Falconshire, the proud king of the Nite-Fires