Kizzy’s Capers

For our early grader’s, a new collaborative work-in-progress makes its appearance. A combined effort with Angel Heisey, this series of chapter books will offer up a humorous take on the imagination of a sweet first-grader who nicknames herself Kizzy.
The daughter of a famous writer and youngest sibling of five Fletcher sisters, she is just looking for a way to be herself. She accomplishes this through her imaginative approach to life. Convinced she is a Superhero Princess in disguise from another planet, she spends each picture book growing as a person, sibling, and child.
She will make you laugh… and cry when you finally see why she is so big and brave. And what she is using her imagination to hide from.
She will soon become one of your favorite new heroes.
And as she would say… You know, the usual.
 Enjoy this exclusive look at Chapter Book 1: Kizzy Gets Her Nickname

Chapter Book 1: Kizzy Gets Her Nickname

I suspect you read my name… Kizzy. And then you thought, Cool. That’s a totally cool name. I bet her Mom is way more interesting than mine to name her something awesome like that.

But Mom likes to say that she’s an ENIGMA. Which is way better than interesting or cool. Cool is for the other moms out there.

Maybe one day I will be an ENIGMA too if you like my book enough. So maybe you can help me get famous and go on TV. Just like Mom.

But thoughts back to me please… Kizzy. Yes Kizzy. Not Baby. Not Mini Fletcher. Not Little Bit. And certainly not Lizzy the Lizard. Just Kizzy.

Attention over here. There you go. That’s better.

Mom always gets the attention around here since she’s a famous writer. And that drives all five of us Fletcher girls totally nuts you know.

So you were thinking after hearing my name, I bet that Kizzy with the cool name lives in a fancy house. Probably has a maid even. And owns animals that can talk like on that show about a girl and her dog who writes a blog.

Yes, her. I mean me…

That Kizzy’s life must be way more exciting than mine. And she can probably even fly with magical powers or something while she tours around saving the planet after her amazing parents (both of them) fall asleep in their fancy three-story house. With gorgeous curtains. And a big pink mailbox. And sunflowers everywhere.

You know, the usual.

So you’d be wrong then. Right from the start. About everything… except the flying part. Because of my secret powers. I can fly I’m sure of it. I just have to remember how. I must need a cape or something like that. Or maybe an amulet. Or a wand.

[END sample]