Bye Bye Book Series

A series of children’s books aimed at translating the self-help movement into a usable form for the littlest ones

Bye-Bye Little Boo-Boo is the first completed book of a several book series designed to serve as tools to help children ages 3 through 8 to maneuver difficulties commonly experienced in their lives. The first book, Bye-Bye Little Boo-Boo, is a thirty-two-page picture book that assists children in utilizing visualization and affirmation as a mechanism to maneuver illness, be it small or life-threatening.  By reminding the child of all the reasons to revel in their wellness, it steers the child away from the attraction of illness and suffering.  In addition, it encourages the child to look at their illness as small enough to just “blow it away with a kiss of blessing”. Through clever rhyming and imagination, Bye-Bye Little Boo-Boo, helps the child re-engage in the magic of their amazing youth and wellness.

The second book in the series, Bye-Bye Sad Heart, employs the use of affirmation and the power of positive thinking to assist a child in attracting happier thoughts. The adorable rhyming picture book helps a child turn  a “choo-choo won’t choo” kind of day into a “glad-gets much gladder” day full of funny cartoons, runs all a’ bouncy, and  even carrots that taste yummy with the helpful advice of an all-knowing Nana.  

The third book in the series, Bye-Bye Mad Face, is an imagination-stimulating 32-page children’s picture book that navigates the complex, yet sometimes overwhelmingly emotional sibling relationship of the pre-school to early grade years with fun and clever rhyming.  Bye-Bye Mad Face travels lovingly with a sister as she gets “mountains o’mad” and her brain “oozes mush like bananas all covered in monkey” while playing a fun game of hide-and-seek turned disaster. But will her “sneaky Daddy” help her find a way to turn her “tiger inside” around so that she can remember just how much she loves her brother and can get back to the more important business of being the “rowdiest sister brother ever had”?
The most recently completed addition is Bye-Bye Brody, a sweet and useful response to a child’s question regarding the meaning of death. It explores the loss of a pet or loved one and teaches the child how to successfully transition through the experience of their loss by finding a peaceful way to still connect with the lost loved one or pet. As a parent, A. Nicky Hjort was faced with explaining the term “to die” and this book is the result of her answer.
Please enjoy it in its complete form, found below.
May it help you or someone you love.


Brody was my best friend.
The best I ever had.
But then he got… real sick,
And, we got really sad.
Some days he whimpered softly,
With sadness in his eyes.
I knew he’d love to run and play,
But it hurt too bad to try.
So Mom and Daddy took him,
To a place I couldn’t go,
And when he came back home to me,
His eyes were tightly closed.
Then we made a special place,
To help us all recall,
Our super special Brody,
And how he loved us all.
That night my Mommy asked,
With sweetness in her eyes,
“Baby, do you understand,
What it means when someone dies?”
At first I shook my head,
And said, “Of course I do.
“But then I figured better;
It’s best to tell the truth.
So Mommy hugged me tightly,
And kissed me on my head,
And then she told me slowly,
As she tucked me into bed.
“Sometimes our loved ones leave,
Like Brody did today,
But from where he’s sitting now, my sweet,
He loves you just the same.
When our body dies on Earth,
Our Spirit goes back Home,
And no one needs to show us how,
‘Cause like magic, we just know.
Some people call it Heaven,
Or The Castle in the Sky.
But I think of … ever-after,
As the Land of Apple Pie.
Where kids are always happy,
And puppies all can run,
And everyone remembers,
They’re puzzles built from Love.
Where boo-boos never hurt.
And tummies can’t go empty.
Where the sunshine never fades,
And dreams are true a’plenty.
Where everyone can fly,
And feel overflowing joy.
Where dogs play everyday,
With healthy, happy boys.
Now I can’t really say,
If Heaven’s up above,
Or if it’s really deep inside,
A heart filled full with Love.
But I know our Brody’s there.
I know it my heart.
So, there’s no need to worry son,
You’re never far apart.
And if you need to visit,
To show him you still care,
Go deep within your heart my Love,
And he’ll be waiting there.
Just close your eyes real softly;
Breathe deeply in your chest.
Make a wish to see him,
And Brody does the rest.
You’ll see him in your dreams,
And feel him in the air.
And way down deep inside,
You’ll know… he’s always really there.
The part of him that made,
The smile shine from your eyes,
The Spirit in his center,
Is fully still alive.
So even when he’s gone,
As open eyes can’t see,
His love is all around you baby,
If only you believe…
Some say the pets go first,
To get our Heaven ready.
And when we come to join them,
Their love is strong and steady.
They meet us at the gates,
Of the Land of Apple Pie,
Or Heaven if you choose to call,
Our Castle in The Sky.
That super special place,
Where everyone flies high,
Where kids are always happy,
And babies never cry.
Where toys never break,
And play-time never stops.
Where love is never-ending,
And balloons never pop.
Where the pool is always ready,
And the tub is full of bubbles.
Where jokes are always funny,
And even I can juggle.
Where the slide is always open,
And the bowl is full of candy.
Where sunburns never blister,
And the beach is always sandy.
Where Brody’s always playing,
In the Land of Apple Pie,
Where everyone is perfect,
And no one ever dies.
I’m proud of you, my Son,
You were very strong today.
And Brody knows how much you care,
In each and every way.”
And then I closed my eyes,
And breathed into my chest.
I made my wish to see him,
And Brody did the rest.
He didn’t cry or whimper,
As we ran and played all night.
So I guess my Mom,
                       … like usual,
Was absolutely right.
So for now,…Bye-Bye Brody.
I know I’ll see you in my mind.
And I never need to miss you,
You’re in my Land of Apple Pie.
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Perhaps this book series can take some of the most useful material in the self-help movement for adults and translate it into a usable version for the littlest, and we would argue greatest, ones amongst us.  This series will grow over time and scope to incorporate other themes such as potty training, shyness or fear, excessive fussiness, selfish behaviors, and even struggles through transitions like new siblings, parental illness, and divorce.