Baby New Books

An adorable collection of heart-warming picture books that explore the priceless emotions discovered as a baby joins the family.


The first book in this series, My Baby New journeys along with the expectant mother through the feelings that grow as a pregnancy develops. This book will make a perfect gift for the new mother, both for herself and her little one who will love to hear the story of just how much (s)he was wished for and treasured with unconditional love.


This series will continue to grow over time to include the same experience from the unique and beautiful perspective of each family member.


Artwork in progress by illustrators Kimberly Hjort and Jeremy Hjort.


Soon to be available at gift shops, doctor’s offices, maternity sites, and bookstores near you.



May it touch your heart and take you back to the moment of Love’s First Sight, when you saw your baby for the very first time.



As always, please remember that all work is copyright protected.


Please enjoy this exclusive sneak peek!



Today I heard.
Could it be true?
You’re on your way,
My Baby New.

Growing tiny fingers,
And tickley toes,
The softest skin,
And a button nose.

Making pucker-lips,
Bright bubble eyes,
Giggly knees,
And chubby thighs.

Will I pick pink,
Or ocean blue?
For the softest blanket,
To comfort you.